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What is initiumPay's mission?

We want to create a circular economy that allows you to make money by shopping.

When did the project InitiumPay start?

The project is the result of over 1 year of work and was launched on the Italian market from the 1st October 2022

How can I open my digital wallet?

Register, verify your identity and in a few minutes your wallet will be active.

Where can I shop with my initiumPay payment tools?

You can buy anywhere. But only in the InitiumMall online platforms and in the affiliated stores you will get instant cashback on your purchases.

Which tools are included in the initiumPay service?

Each user has a digital wallet in the webapp, a prepaid card for online purchases and a debit card to pay everywhere.

Why open my InitiumPay wallet?

With your payment tools you can make purchases wherever you want, share money with your friends and earn by cashback.

Why should I join the shops affiliate network?

You will be able to save on all transactions and promote your business across the entire community.

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